Sleepless After Seattle

I took a break, y’all. After writing myself into a corner and getting worked up over a nonsense conspiracy-laden faux-mystical tract about COVID vaccines in April, I realized that I had burned myself out. I’ve lived a lot of life in the past three months. I took a somewhat secret trip to New Orleans, enduredContinue reading “Sleepless After Seattle”

Children of the Corn-secration

Or Sorry, I Couldn’t Come Up With a Better Pun “Oh, I could write a book.” –Anna Stevenson, close friend and fellow PK Wherever there are men of God, there are traumatized offspring left in their wake. We are expected to be either perfect or pervy. We are either kind, or kind of sickening. WeContinue reading “Children of the Corn-secration”

That’s Just Not Natural!

Until we finally moved to Nashville when I was 12, my mind never stopped fidgeting. Small-town life fit me like a shrunken tank top and annoyed me like the itchy label in back. I was relieved to cast it aside in time for my teenage years.

Whither unSouthern?

 “Dr. Newman is a guest in our home. If I’m self-conscious, he’ll be ill at ease. I can’t allow that to happen. It would be… un-Southern.” –Blanche Devereaux, The Golden Girls What does it mean to be Southern? Ask ten people, and you’ll get fifteen answers. The rules of engagement for being a “real” SouthernerContinue reading “Whither unSouthern?”